Attending: Carol Larroque, Andre Larroque, Merideth Paxton, Ken Carpenter, Steve Bishop,
Lucy Gent Foma, Robert Czerniak, Cleophas Muneri, Marcella Jones, Howard Bryant, Linney
The purpose of the business meeting was to further define priorities discussed in 2020 and
to determine meetings and activities for 2021. Ongoing priorities include collaborating
with other organizations and expanding and diversifying statewide outreach.
Board members approved the minutes from the April 29, 2020 meeting.
Treasurer Andre Larroque reported that the association has $1946.76 in the bank account
and noted that the state chapter receives a percentage of dues paid. The chapter has not yet
received its percentage of 2020 member dues from the National Office (NO).
There was no report from the advocacy group, which did not meet in 2020 due primarily to
the pandemic.
Old Business
The NM Fulbright Chapter intends to expand its statewide collaborations.
Steve Bishop reported on the efforts of a UNM group aiming to form a Title VI International
Studies Center. The center would serve as a hub for the various UNM groups that address
international studies and work. The group hopes to have a center in place in 2023.
Members discussed the benefits of collaboration and focused on determining various UNM
and non-UNM organizations willing to collaborate on international issues in New Mexico.
Potential collaborators include the UNM Retiree Association, Albuquerque Chamber of
Commerce, Santa Fe World Affairs group, Rotary and New Mexico Peace Corps Association.
Carol Larroque expressed an interest in inviting a returning Peace Corps volunteer to speak
to our group. Museums that could be likely collaborators include the International Folk Art
Museum in Santa Fe, Maxwell Museum, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Balloon Fiesta
Museum and the Albuquerque Museum, including the Albuquerque International
Addressing statewide outreach efforts, Carol Larroque expressed an interest in reaching
out to Native communities and to Latino/a students. Educational institutions, including the
Santa Fe Indian School, IAIA and the World College, are potential institutions for engaging
with the NM Fulbright Chapter. At the secondary education level there are a number of
international baccalaureate schools and international student exchange programs.
Discussion focused on the importance of efforts to expand the chapter’s involvement with
diverse New Mexico communities.
National and chapter web sites
Ken Carpenter brought attention to the New Mexico Fulbright website and the new
Fulbright NO website which is designed to track all Fulbrighters as well as state and local
Fulbright associations. All members of the NM Chapter are encouraged to register at both
websites. Web addresses are: and
2020 Annual Chapter Report
Past President Lucy Gent-Foma will prepare the 2020 annual report of the NM Fulbright
Chapter to be submitted to the Fulbright National Office.
New Business
Merideth Paxton reported that she recently attended the orientation meeting of an online
UNM class of 10 Argentinian students. Spring 2021 marks the fourth year of this course,
with students attending in person in the past. Because the course is part of the Fulbright
program, members discussed ways to connect with the students and to continue the
relationship with future iterations of the course. It may be possible for some members to
be present for the end-of-term farewell meeting or to have a separate meeting between the
NM Chapter and the class. Bob Czerniak will write a message to be sent to the course
facilitators and students regarding the chapter’s interest.
Ken Carpenter reported on a NM chapter member’s request for a letter of support.
Fulbright NM Chapter president, Carol Larroque, will notify the member that the board
voted unanimously to not write the letter.
Future Events and Activities
International student concert: In the past, NM Chapter members have supported
international music students by attending their concerts in Albuquerque. Merideth Paxton
suggested that the chapter continue to support student musicians, providing educational
scholarship funds through concert attendance fees. The next concert may take place in
March. This outreach event will be advertised on both the state and national Fulbright
Board members discussed ways to celebrate the Fulbright organization’s upcoming 75th
anniversary. Carol Larroque suggested inviting a speaker on climate change. Bob Czerniak
will contact a southern NM climatologist regarding his availability to speak to the NM
Chapter. This event will be advertised on both the state and national Fulbright websites. It
was also suggested that the NM Chapter hand out pocket constitutions to visiting Fulbright
students in honor of the anniversary.
The board plans to meet every three months during 2021. The next meeting of the
Fulbright board is scheduled for April 18, 2021.
Meeting adjourned 3:40 pm.
Minutes prepared by Linney Wix, Secretary